Dehydrated Coconut Milk

Sweetened condensed milk Bongiovanni is obtained through a natural process of dehydration capable to maintain the flavor of fresh milk.UseFor the preparation of desserts in General, in particular to give structure and apply the ice.Ingredients. Milk, sugar.Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:Kcal. N.d.Kj. N.d.Protein. N.d.Fats. N.d.of which saturates slow. N.d.Carbohydrates. N.d.of which sugars. N.d.Fibers. N.d.Salt. N.d.

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Dehydrated Coconut Milk – 500g
Dehydrated Coconut Milk – 250g
Dehydrated Coconut Milk – 10kg
Dehydrated Coconut Milk – 25kg

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It is used to prepare sweets and improve the taste.