Candied Orange (Cubetti)

Powdered pineapple Bongiovanni, is obtained by simple drying of fresh pineapple, with no additives, dyes, or preservatives.UseIt takes 1% extents for the preparation of cakes with pineapple, or as natural flavor.Ingredients. Dried fresh pineappleAverage nutritional values per 100 g of product:Kcal. N.d.Kj. N.d.Protein. N.d.Fats. N.d.of which saturates slow. N.d.Carbohydrates. N.d.of which sugars. N.d.Fibers. N.d.Salt. N.d.

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Candied Orange (Cubetti) – BIO 250g
Candied Orange (Cubetti) – BIO 5Kg
Candied Orange (Cubetti) – BIO 10Kg

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It is perfect for preparing hot and cold drinks.