Dehydrated Goji Berries

The more organic Mulberry white, can be eaten as a snack, mixed with muesli, juice or salad at a handful a day. Are extremely rich in iron, calcium and vitamin C!Average nutritional values per 100 g of product:Energy Value (Kcal):301Protein (g):8.80Carbohydrates (g):55.30of which sugars (g):49.20FAT (g):2.40of which saturates slow (g):0.20Fibre (g):n.d.Sodium (mg):0.03Iron (mg):N.aVitamin C (mg):N.aVitamin E (mg):N.aIngredients. Mulberry.

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Dehydrated Goji Berries – BIO 250g
Dehydrated Goji Berries – BIO 18,16Kg

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They can be a snack, mixed or put in the salad.